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Common Investment Mistakes

  • Failing to maintain a contingency fund for emergencies
  • Too little, or too much diversification in your portfolio
  • Focusing on return without considering risk and timeline
  • Trying to “time” the market
  • Buying last year’s winning stock or mutual fund
  • Holding a poor performing investment until it comes back to the price you paid
  • Buying any investment you do not understand
  • Paying income taxes on someone else’s capital gain
  • Tax favored investments inside a tax advantaged program
  • Working with a financial advisor without first doing a background check, or without a complete understanding of how they are compensated

The best way to avoid these common mistakes is have an independent, expert advisor by your side. My Golden Retriever Casey enjoys running in the water but I am by her side holding on to her leash to guide her away from trouble she does not understand.

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