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Top 10 Reasons to Save More

  1. So you can afford to eat dinner after 4:00
  2. So you can buy real sunglasses, not those “Virtual Reality” wrap around old-guy glasses.
  3. So you can dress funny and tell people “I’m not senile; I have money so I’m just eccentric”.
  4. Since your 401(k) or IRA contributions can reduce your withholding taxes, you help keep Congress out of trouble by giving them less money to play with.
  5. So you can go to a good nursing home, not the one in Afghanistan selected by your son-in-law.
  6. So you can avoid wearing a blue vest to work in your eighties.
  7. Because even if you wait until the day you retire to buy a new car and all new appliances, you will still outlive them.
  8. So you do not have to order your prescriptions from Guatemala, or walk through airport security when your doctor needs an X-ray.
  9. More money to spend visiting and spoiling your grandchildren. Get even with your kids!
  10.  Have your children fight over you, instead of with you. Then leave it all to the grandkids anyway!

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