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Retirement Plan Services

Why are Retirement Plan Fiduciaries turning to Independent Investment Advisors?

When it comes to complying with the broadly expanded 408(b)(2) Regulations, it takes years of experience to have your HR department and all of your plan service providers fly in a tight formation. ERISA encourages plan sponsors to hire “Prudent Experts”, driving more plan sponsors away from commission brokers to independent RIA firms.

Comprehensive Retirement Plan Risk Management is the focus of DPL Retirement Advisors, LLC. If you are missing an important step in your retirement plan compliance responsibilities, would you rather learn about it from me, the Dol, or the IRS?

Our clients benefit from these services:

Consulting Services: DPL Retirement Advisors, LLC can conduct a wide range of consulting assignments for a retirement plan, including:

  • Retirement Plan Design
  • Fiduciary Audit and Compliance Review
  • Evaluation of current vendors and service providers
  • Management of Vendor Searches and the RFP process
  • Employee education workshops and seminars

Co-Fiduciary Investment Advisory Services: DPL Retirement Advisors, LLC will agree in writing to become a co-fiduciary of your retirement plan. This service includes:

  • Development of an written Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Development of a Best Practices Checklist
  • Review of Employee Education and Communications Process
  • Ongoing management of ERISA Compliance
  • Continuous Review and Monitoring of Plan Operations
  • Perform the Due Diligence development of a Investment Portfolio or fund line-up
  • Ongoing monitoring of fund performance and compliance with the IPS standards
  • Regular reporting of results to Plan sponsor/Plan committees/Board

I can send you an email containing the list of the top ten IRS Plan Compliance mistakes: contact us

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